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Pearson FlexText, Active Practicum for Early Childhood Education, 1st edition

  • Pearson Canada
  • Diane Nyisztor
  • Barbara Marcus

Published by Pearson Canada (January 4th 2020) - Copyright © 2021

1st edition

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Success in any sector is dependent upon more than core academic knowledge or technical and occupational skills. Employers need critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders to tackle the challenges of today’s workplace. Employees with successful career paths learn to communicate effectively, engage appropriately with others, and be self-reliant. Effective career readiness and employability strategies develop the whole learner and incorporate personal and social capabilities; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and academic and occupational knowledge. That is what Pearson FlexText is all about.


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Table of contents

Pearson FlexText: Essential Employability Skills

Chapter 1. Realities of the Practicum Experience

Chapter 2. Early Childhood Environments and Placements Are Multidimensional

Chapter 3. Types of Practicum Placements

Chapter 4. Essential Techniques and Strategies: A Tool Kit

Chapter 5. Observing Development and Learning

Chapter 6. Plan to Support Each Child’s Learning and Development

Chapter 7. Basic Planning

Chapter 8. Guiding Children Through Responsive Relationships

Chapter 9. Children’s Play Is an Essential Part of Practicum

Chapter 10. Program Planning

Chapter 11. Documenting Children’s Experiences and Interests

Chapter 12. Authentic Practicum Challenges and Accomplishments

Chapter 13. Advanced Practicum Competencies and Looking Forward

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