Pearson Reviews & Rationales: Pathophysiology with 'Nursing Reviews & Rationales', 3rd edition

  • Mary Ann Hogan

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PEARSON REVIEWS & RATIONALES: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY WITH "NURSING REVIEWS & RATIONALES", 3/e provides a clear, concentrated, and up-to-date review of today's "need to know" knowledge for understanding pathophysiology. Developed by Mary Ann Hogan, RN and reviewed by a large team of nurse educators, this program can be used by current nursing students as a course study aid, for NCLEX-RN® exam preparation, or by practicing nurses seeking comprehensive yet concise review of this discipline. Fully reflective of the current (2010) NCLEX-RN® Test Plan, this text presents complete chapters on respiratory, cardiac, vascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, eye/ear/nose/throat, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, endocrine/metabolic, renal/urinary, reproductive, immunological, infectious, integumentary, hematological/oncological, genetic/developmental, and multisystem health problems. Its complete support package includes access to additional question, and a tear-out NursingNotes card for clinical reference and quick review.

Table of contents


Contributors and Reviewers of the First Edition

1. Respiratory Health Problems

2. Cardiac Health Problems

3. Vascular Health Problems

4. Neurological Health Problems

5. Musculoskeletal Health Problems

6. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Health Problems

7. Gastrointestinal Health Problems

8. Hepatobiliary Health Problems

9. Endocrine and Metabolic Health Problems

10. Renal and Urinary Health Problems

11. Male and Female Reproductive Health Problems

12. Immunological Health Problems

13. Infectious Health Problems

14. Integumentary Health Problems

15. Hematological and Oncological Health Problems

16. Genetic and Developmental Health Problems

17. Multisystem Health Problems

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