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Pearson's Comprehensive Dental Assisting, 1st edition

  • Lori Tyler

Published by Pearson (July 29th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

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Pearson's Comprehensive Dental Assisting

ISBN-13: 9780131744196

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Pearson’s Comprehensive Dental Assisting


Lori Tyler, Editor



Pearson’s Comprehensive Dental Assisting is all about ensuring that you will be a successful student and dental assistant. To help ensure this success, a focus is placed on learning both technical and people skills. This comprehensive textbook helps you learn the right skills for becoming the very best and most effective Dental Assistant by presenting a step-by-step, competency based approach that covers all the facets of the dental assisting profession. People skills are covered throughout the text including cultural and lifespan considerations and  students are consistently encouraged to be professionals in the dental assisting workplace and beyond.


This text was developed and organized with both the needs of the instructor and student in mind. Attention was paid to ensure that the information flowed smoothly and that the topics were presented simply for students to be able to grasp the concepts.


Pearson’s Comprehensive Dental Assisting ensures success for the student and the instructor by:


·                    Preparing the student to take the certification exam

·                    Presenting a series of new professional photos that highlight dental conditions and procedures


Table of contents



Unit One          Introduction to the Field of Dentistry


Chapter 1         History of Dentistry

Early Times

The Renaissance

Early America

Educational and Professional Development in the United States

Community Dental Health Program


Chapter 2         The Dental Team

Dental Assistant

Credential, Professional Growth, and Development


Dental Specialist

Registered Dental Hygienist

Dental Laboratory Technician

Support Staff in the Dental Office


Chapter 3         Dental Ethics and Law

Ethical Principles in Dentistry

Professional Code of Ethics

State Dental Practice Act

Dental Jurisprudence

Risk Management


Dentist-Patient Relationship

The Patient Record


Unit Two          Dental Sciences


Chapter 4         General Anatomy and Physiology

Planes and Body Directions

Structural Units

Body Cavities

Body Regions

Introduction to Major Body Systems

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Lymphatic System

Nervous System

Respiratory System

Digestive System

Endocrine System

Urinary System

Integumentary System

Reproductive System

The Interaction of the Eleven Systems of the Body


Chapter 5         Head and Neck Anatomy

Regions of the Head

Bones of the Skull

Muscles of the Face and Oral Cavity

Lymph Nodes of the Face and Neck

Nerves of the Face and Neck

Circulatory System of the Face and Neck


Chapter 6         The Face and Oral Cavity

Landmarks of the Face

The Oral Cavity

The Oral Cavity Proper

Oral Cancer and Other Conditions

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