Pearson's Nursing Assistant Today, 1st edition

  • Francie Wolgin
  • Kate Smith
  • Julie French

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PEARSON'S NURSING ASSISTANT TODAY brings together all the skills, knowledge, and practical insights today’s nursing assistants need to succeed in any care environment. Written for students with widely diverse learning needs and reading proficiencies, it is designed for easy understanding and quick reference. It presents 152 step-by-step procedures, ranging from the absolute basics to advanced procedures for use at the instructor’s discretion. All procedures reflect 2010 AHA guidelines for CPR and ECC, modern care technologies, and Medicare OBRA requirements. Each procedure is explained with rationales, preparation, steps, follow-up, a charting example, and in many cases, full-color illustrations. This text’s pedagogical features include chapter learning objectives, “On the Job” scenarios, “Nursing Assistant in Action” critical thinking features, exercises, sample exams, and more.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Health Care System

Chapter 2: The Role of the Nursing Assistant, Workplace Ethics, and Legal Aspects of Patient Care

Chapter 3: Communication Skills

Chapter 4: Medical Terminology, Abbreviations, and Specialties

Chapter 5: Patients, Residents, and Clients

Chapter 6: Infection Control

Chapter 7: Safety

Chapter 8: Body Mechanics: Positioning, Moving, and Transporting Patients

Chapter 9: Personal Care of the Patient

Chapter 10:  The Patient’s Room

Chapter 11: Bedmaking

Chapter 12: Admitting, Transferring, and Discharging a Patient

Chapter 13: The Human Body

Chapter 14: Growth and Development

Chapter 15: The Musculoskeletal System and Related Care

Chapter 16: The Integumentary System and Related Care

Chapter 17: The Circulatory System and Related Care

Chapter 18: Measuring Vital Signs

Chapter 19: The Gastrointestinal System and Related Care

Chapter 20: Nutrition for the Patient

Chapter 21: The Urinary System and Related Care

Chapter 22: Specimen Collection

Chapter 23: The Endocrine System and Related Care of Diabetics

Chapter 24: The Reproductive System and Related Care

Chapter 25: The Nervous System and Related Care

Chapter 26: Emergency Care

Chapter 27: Warm and Cold Applications

Chapter 28: Care of the Surgical Patient

Chapter 29: Special Procedures

Chapter 30: Patients with Special Needs

Chapter 31: Neonatal and Pediatric Care

Chapter 32: Home Health Care

Chapter 33: The Older Adult Patient and Long Term Care

Chapter 34: Rehabilitation and Return to Self-Care

Chapter 35: The Terminally Ill Patient and Postmortem Care

Chapter 36: Beginning Your Career as a Nursing Assistant


Appendix A: Commonly Used Spanish Words 

Appendix B: Sample CNA Tests

Published by Pearson (November 7th 2011) - Copyright © 2012