People Resourcing and Talent Planning: HRM in practice, 4th edition

  • Marjorie Corbridge
  • Stephen Pilbeam

People Resourcing and Talent Planning

ISBN-13:  9780273719540


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Focuses on the resourcing of organisations with people, this engaging text achieves a balance between academic rigour and practitioner relevance. This balanced approach, together with the breadth and versatility of the content, enables the book to be used effectively for modules based on the CIPD Professional Standards and other upper-level HRM modules.

Substantially revised and updated to match new CIPD Professional Standards, this fourth edition promises to make the subject even more involving and understandable. Readable and clear, People Resourcing and Talent Management uses real life examples and case studies to examine how HR theory and concepts apply in practice.

This book addresses a broad range of HR issues and covers all the activities that are essential for the acquiring, managing and retaining talent – this from HR planning through to release from employment. It describes and analyses contemporary HR practice and puts it into context, covering the latest developments in people resourcing and talent planning.

This text meets the knowledge and understanding requirements for the CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Management module.

Table of contents

Table of contents

Chapter 1- People Resourcing – the changing world of work and contemporary human resource management

Chapter 2- Human Resources Strategy – perspectives and theories

Chapter 3- Competencies in People Resourcing


Chapter 4- Human Resource Planning, Talent Planning and Worker Flexibility

Chapter 5- HR Information Systems and e-enabled HR

Chapter 6- Recruitment: attracting the right people

Chapter 7- Selection: choosing the right people

Chapter 8- Managing Diversity

Chapter 9- Pay, Reward and Resourcing

Chapter 10- Reward, Financial Benefits and Pensions

Chapter 11- Managing and Appraising Performance

Chapter 12- Human Resource Development


Chapter 13- Managing Health and Safety at Work

Chapter 14- The Strategic Management of Employee Well-being

Chapter 15- Employment Relations in Context

Chapter 16- Employment Relations Processes

Chapter 17- Conflict Resolution: discipline and grievance

Chapter 18- Termination of Employment

Chapter 19- Managing Redundancy





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