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Person to Person: Positive Relationships Don't Just Happen, 5th edition

  • Sharon L. Hanna
  • Rose Suggett
  • Doug Radtke

Published by Pearson (February 13th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

5th edition

Person to Person: Positive Relationships Don't Just Happen

ISBN-13: 9780132288149

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Highly practical and easy-to-read--yet thoroughly grounded in recent psychological and sociological research, this book provides a complete tutorial on the personal and interpersonal skills that underlie the process of building developing healthy, fulfilling professional and personal relationships. It guides readers in taking responsibility for themselves, making wiser choices, improving their relationships, appreciating all kinds of diversity, and living happy, fulfilling, and productive lives. “Reflections and Applications” sections provide easily accessible, hands-on, user-friendly assignments and activities. KEY TOPICS: Knowing and Valuing Yourself. Understanding Yourself Throughout the Life Span. Exploring Values and Making Wise Choices. Achieving Happiness and Satisfaction. Experiencing and Expressing Emotion. Becoming a Positive Listener. Improving Communication: How to Send Messages. Improving Communication: What to Say. Building Positive Relationships. Succeeding in Your Career. Developing and Enriching Intimate Relationships. Strengthening Family Relationships. MARKET: For those interested in improving their interpersonal communication skills, both professional and personal.

Table of contents

Section One:

Relating:  Beginning with the Self


Chapter 1:

Knowing and Valuing Yourself


Chapter 2:

Understanding Yourself Throughout the Life Span


Chapter 3:

Exploring Values and Making Wise Choices


Chapter 4:

Achieving Happiness and Satisfaction


Chapter 5:

Experiencing and Expressing Emotion


Chapter 6:

Improving Your Health


Section Two:

Communication:  The Key to Relationships


Chapter 7:

Becoming a Positive Listener


Chapter 8:

Improving Communication:  How to Send Messages


Chapter 9:

Improving Communication:  What to Say


Section Three:

Positive Relationships:  The Ultimate Achievement


Chapter 10:

Building Positive Relationships


Chapter 11:

Succeeding in Your Career


Chapter 12:

Developing and Enriching Intimate Relationships


Chapter 13:

Strengthening Family Relationships

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