Personal Health and Fitness, 1st edition

  • Angela M Kolen

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Revel for Personal Health and Fitness is designed to help you think more about your health and wellness. Ultimately, my goal is for you to reflect more deeply on obvious and less obvious health related topics. Most of us know we should eat better, be more physically active, sit less, manage our stress, take care of our mental health, practise safe sex, and so on, yet we do not do these things as often as we should. If you are ready to become more aware of your health and wellness and are willing to make decisions that foster it, then this book will provide the stimulation and knowledge you need to get you there. Small changes maintained over time in our attitudes and behaviours will allow us to reach higher levels of physical and mental health and wellness.

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Table of contents

1. Embracing Health and Wellness
2. Discovering Personal Approaches for Healthier Living
3. Promoting Mental Health
4. Creating a Physically Active Lifestyle
5. Learning About Physical Fitness
6. Nutrition for Health and Wellness
7. Understanding Body Image, Dieting, and Eating Disorders
8. Recognizing Overweight and Obesity
9. Appreciating Relationships
10. Comprehanding Sexuality
11. Evaluating Use of Alcohol, Caffeine, Over-the-Counter Drugs, and Cannabis
12. End of Life

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Published by Pearson Canada (December 17th 2019) - Copyright © 2021