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Philosophical Documents in Education, 4th edition

  • Tony W. Johnson
  • Ronald F. Reed

Published by Pearson (February 3rd 2011) - Copyright © 2012

4th edition

Philosophical Documents in Education

ISBN-13: 9780137080380

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The introduction to the fourth edition of Philosophical Documents in Education asks the simple question, what does it mean to be educated?  That simple but profound inquiry is answered throughout the anthology’s 16 chapters by both classical and contemporary educators, progressives, and philosophers. Driven by the idea that students can better understand and practice their profession by reading, contemplating, and discussing philosophical and historical literature, this collection of primary sources exposes readers to a wealth of ideas regarding teaching, learning, schooling, and instruction — from ancient texts to modern selections. 

Table of contents


Differing Perspectives on What It Means to Be Educated

1    Socrates and Plato

2    Aristotle

3    John Locke

4    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

5    Catharine Macaulay

6    Conflicting Educational Visions: The Puritans and Thomas Jefferson

7    Local vs. Centralized Control of Schooling

8    John Dewey

9    Traditional versus Progressive Education:The Great Debate

10  Education:  The Panacea for African-Americans

11  Maxine Greene

12  Jane Roland Martin

13  Paulo Freire

14  Nel Noddings

15  Philosophy for Children: Matthew Lipman, Gareth Matthews, and Kieran Egan

16  Parker J. Palmer


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