Philosophical Foundations of Education, 9th edition

  • Howard A. Ozmon

Philosophical Foundations of Education

ISBN-13:  9780132540742

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Now in its ninth edition, Philosophical Foundations of Education provides readers with comprehensive knowledge about the various schools of thought that have comprised the philosophy of education throughout history. Highly readable, this chronological text gives insight into the individuals who helped develop various philosophies of education and provides historical information about how they lived and how they learned. In addition, each chapter covers each philosophy’s aims, methods, curriculums, teaching roles, advantages, and disadvantages.


Covering not only how each philosophy evolved over time but also how these philosophies influenced subsequent educational practice, this popular textbook also challenges readers to apply what they have learned in their own profession and develop their own philosophies about education, instruction, and schooling.

Table of contents

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Chapter 1 — Idealism and Education

Chapter 2 — Realism and Education

Chapter 3 — Eastern Philosophy, Religion, and Education

Chapter 4 -  Pragmatism and Education

Chapter 5 — Reconstructionism and Education

Chapter 6 — Behaviorism and Education

Chapter 7 — Existentialism, Phenomenology, and Education

Chapter 8 — Marxism and Education

Chapter 9 — Analytic Philosophy and Education

Chapter 10 — Postmodernism and Education


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