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Philosophy of Religion for AS Level, 1st edition

  • Michael B Wilkinson
  • Hugh N Campbell

Published by Continuum (April 21st 2009) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

Philosophy of Religion for AS Level

ISBN-13: 9781847065407

Includes: Paperback

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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


This comprehensive and easy to use textbook is endorsed by OCR for use with the Philosophy of Religion unit of the OCR AS Religious Studies specification. KEY FEATURES * Co-authored by experienced examiners * "Stretch and Challenge" material for advanced students * Timeline of philosophers * Appendix on revision notes * Each chapter includes . essential new vocabulary with definitions . extracts from primary texts . examination tips . discussion topics and practice exam questions . suggestions for further reading Fundamental concepts covered include arguments for the existence of God, including the Ontological, Cosmological, Moral and Teleological Arguments, as well as challenges to faith from the Problem of Evil and other sources. Background material from Ancient Philosophy and the Judaeo-Christian tradition is explained, and there are specially developed sections on Boethius and the Divine Attributes and Modern Science, both new to the specification. A particular feature of this book is substantial "Stretch and Challenge" material throughout which allows students to develop further.

Table of contents

Introduction Preparing for the Examination Timeline 1. Philosophy - The Basics 2. Plato and the Doctrine of the Forms 3. Aristotle 4. God as the Good Creator 5. The Ontological Argument 6. St Thomas Aquinas and the Cosmological Argument 7. The Cosmological Argument II - God as Explanation 8. The Teleogical (Design) Argument 9. The Moral Argument 10. The Problem of Evil 1 - St Augustine 11. The Problem of Evil 2 - Irenaean Theodicy 12. The Challenge of Modern Science 13. Darwin's Black Box and Irreducible Complexity Appendix: Revision notes Suggestions for Futher Reading [Please note: each chapter structure follows precisely the new OCR course syllabus]

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