Philosophy of Sex and Love: A Reader, 1st edition

  • Robert Trevas
  • Arthur Zucker
  • Donald M. Borchert

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KEY BENEFIT: Presents, in one volume, a number of philosophical treatises on the subjects of sex and love and the relationship between the two. KEY TOPICS: The essays include a variety of historical, theological, and philosophical perspectives and cover topics ranging from the traditional, such as marriage to current ones, such as sexual harassment. An historical overview including selections from ancient Greek, biblical, medieval and modern secularist traditions provides important background for understanding current debates; the selections feature contemporary discussions of traditional topics such as marriage, adultery, and prostitution, but also current issues such as homosexuality, natural/perverse, pornography, and sexual harrassment.

Table of contents

Introduction: The Philosophy of Sex and Love.

 1. Historical Overview.

 2. The Debate Between Sex with Love Versus Sex without Love.

 3. Feminist Critiques of Sex and Love.

 4. Marriage.

 5. Adultery.

 6. Prostitution.

 7. Natural and Perverse.

 8. Homosexuality and Morality.

 9. Pornography

10. Sexual Harassment and Rape.

Appendix One: Contemporary Religious Discussions.

Appendix Two: Psychology and Sex - The Oedipus Complex.


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