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Phonetics Workbook for Students, A: Building a Foundation for Transcription, 1st edition

  • Heidi M. Harbers

Published by Pearson (July 31st 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Understanding how sounds form—and how sounds combine to create words— is imperative to learning how to transcribe speech phonetically. Taking a "meta" approach, A Phonetics Workbook for Students by Heidi Harbers prepares students to transcribe speech phonetically by helping them become aware of the sounds of English phonology.  Following a systematic, learning-friendly organization, chapter’s progress from awareness of sounds, to articulatory phonetics and IPA symbols, to transcription. Unlike other workbooks, its exercises are varied and challenging and develop both foundational and critical thinking skills. By teaching students how to develop both an ear and eye for phonetics, the workbook provides a superior foundation from which transcription skills can develop. 

Table of contents


1.      The English Phonology System: Syllables and Sounds

2.      The Orthography System

3.      Thinking about Sounds

4.      Term Review and Practice



5.      Overview

6.      Monophthongs: Front Vowels

7.      Monophthongs: Back Vowels

8.      Front and Back Vowels: Practice and Review

9.      Monophthongs: Central Vowels

10.  Diphthongs

11.  Controlled −R Diphthongs

12.  Term Review and Practice



13.  Overview

14.  Stop-plosives

15.  Fricatives

16.  Affricates

17.  Nasals

18.  Liquids

19.  Glides

20.  Term Review and Practice


UNIT 4: Transcription: The Details

21.  Overview of Transcription

22.  Stress





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