Physical Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition

  • Neil Isaacs
  • Neil Isaacs

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Extensively revised and updated, this second edition covers the basics of the subject and the mechanisms for a wide range of chemical reactions. The text emphasises the frontier orbital theory and the use of the Hückel molecular orbitals to account for chemical reactivity. This is fully supported by references to the necessary experimental evidence, extensive data and new research methods currently in use.

Table of contents

1. Models of chemical bonding.
2. Kinetics and thermodynamics.
3. Reagents and reaction mechanisms.
4. Correlation of structure with reactivity.
5. Solvent effects.
6. Acids and bases, electrophiles and nucleophiles.
7. Kinetic iostope effects.
8. Steric and conformational properties.
9. Homogeneous catalysis.
10. Substitution reactions at carbon.
11. Elimination reactions.
12. Polar addition reactions.
13. Intramolecular reactions.
14. Pericyclic reactions.
15. Reactions via free radicals.
16. Organic photochemistry.

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Published by Pearson (June 7th 1995) - Copyright © 1995