Physics of Atoms and Molecules, 2nd edition

  • BH Bransden
  • CJ Joachain

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New edition of a well-established second and third year textbook for Physics degree students, covering the physical structure and behaviour of atoms and molecules. The aim of this new edition is to provide a unified account of the subject within an undergraduate framework, taking the opportunity to make improvements based on the teaching experience of users of the first edition, and cover important new developments in the subject.

Table of contents

Preface to the Second Edition.
Preface to the First Edition.
1. Electrons, photons and atoms.
2. The elements of quantum mechanics.
3. One-electron atoms.
4. Interaction of one-electron atoms with electomagnetic radiation.
5. One-electron atoms: fine structure and hyperfine structure.
6. Interaction of one-electron atoms with external electric and magnetic fields.
7. Two-electron atoms.
8. Many-electron atoms.
9. Interaction of many-electron atoms with electromagnetic radiation and with static electric and magnetic fields.
10. Molecular structure.
11. Molecular spectra.
12. Atomic collisions: basic concepts and potential scattering.
13. Electron-atom collisions and atomic photoionisation.
14. Atom-atom collisions.
15. Masers, lasers and their interaction with atoms and molecules.
16. Further developments and applications of atomic and molecular physics.
17. Appendices.

Published by Pearson (April 24th 2003) - Copyright © 2003