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Physics of Sound, The, 3rd edition

  • Richard E Berg
  • David G Stork

Published by Pearson (August 17th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

3rd edition

Physics of Sound, The

ISBN-13: 9780131457898

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This book incorporates the developments in digital audio technology, including consumer products, into a firm foundation of the physics of sound. No knowledge of physics, mathematics, or music is required. KEY TOPICS: Includes updated information on musical synthesizers. Provides recent information on the ear, including new advances in cochlear implant technology. Updates material for modern technology, particularly MP3. Features abundant examples, including discussion of demonstration experiments. Includes historical discussion of musical temperaments and instruments. Offers videotapes of musical demonstrations on topics discussed in the book, available from author. MARKET: A useful reference for musicians or anyone interested in learning more about the physics of music.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Summary, Questions, Problems, and References.)

 1. Simple Harmonic Motion and Applications

 2. Waves and Sound

 3. Standing Waves and the Overtone Series

 4. Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Waves

 5. Electronic Music and Synthesizers

 6. The Human Ear and Voice

 7. Sound Recording and Reproduction

 8. Room and Auditorium Acoustics

 9. Musical Temperament and Pitch

10. Woodwind Instruments

11. Brass Instruments

12. String Instruments

13. The Piano

14. Percussion Instruments

Appendix A: Elementary Music Theory

Appendix B: Terms and Units

Appendix C: Prefixes with Common Units

Glossary of Terms


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