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Pipeline Maintenance Level 1 Trainee Guide, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (December 30th 2016) - Copyright © 2016

2nd edition

Pipeline Maintenance Level 1 Trainee Guide

ISBN-13: 9780133782905

Includes: Paperback
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KEY BENEFITS: This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more!
KEY TOPICS: includes Introduction to the Pipeline Industry (Pipeline Core), Liquid Pipeline General Abnormal Operating Conditions (Pipeline Core), Release Identification and Response, Tools of the Trade, Pipeline Documentation, Preventing Pipeline Damage (CT 14 and 28) and Excavating and Backfilling (CT 17, 32 and 39).

Table of contents


All of the modules listed below are included in the Trainee and Instructor Guide(s) listed above. The following ISBN and pricing information is for ordering individual modules only.


Introduction to the Pipeline Industry (10 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378736-8

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378744-3

(Module 66101-13) Describes the functions, purposes, and components of pipelines, the products that are transported, and the ways in which they move through the pipeline.


Field Abnormal Operating Conditions (10 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-375468-1

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-359280-1

(Module ID 71101-14) Provides an overview of the types of abnormal operating conditions (AOCs) that may occur on the pipeline or in company facilities. Appropriate responses to

AOCs are covered with a focus on following company policy to protect lives and pipeline equipment. Also covered are the reports required by federal law.


Release Identification and Response (5 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378738-2

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378745-0

(Module ID 62103-13) Describes the identification of and response to the release of product or crude.


Tools of the Trade (7.5 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378739-9

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378747-4

(Module ID 62104-13) Describes use and care of the hand and power tools that are used in the pipeline industry. It also describes the use of welding equipment and the use of meters

and testers. Explains nondestructive testing and the uses of lifting equipment and heavy excavating equipment.


Introduction to Pipeline Documents (5 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378740-5

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378748-1

(Module ID 62105-13) Describes the different types of documents required in the pipeline industry.


Line Location and Marking (CTs 14 and 17)

(15 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378741-2

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378749-8

(Module ID 62106-13) Describes the notification process used to prevent pipeline damage, the methods for locating pipelines, and the process for marking pipelines.


Inspect Navigable Water Crossings (CT16)

(7.5 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378743-6

Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378763-4

(Module ID 62108-13) Describes the process for inspecting navigable waterway crossings, and reviews reportable observations and reporting procedures for these inspections.


Surface Right-of-Way Inspection (CT 15)

(7.5 Hours)

Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-378742-9

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