Plant Science: Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants, 5th edition

  • Margaret E. McMahon
  • Anton M. Kofranek
  • Vincent E. Rubatzky

Plant Science: Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants, Student Value Edition

ISBN-13:  9780135068502


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Plant Science: Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants, Fifth Edition, is an outstanding resource for anyone with an interest in how plants are grown and utilized for maintaining and adding enjoyment to human life. The text starts with the fundamentals of botany, plant physiology, and environmental factors affecting plant growth, while later sections integrate those topics into strategies of producing plants for human use as food, fiber, and recreation. The concept of sustainability and sustainable methods of growing plants runs throughout the text. Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with plant science, this book will give you a firm understanding of concepts and terminology related to the growing of plants.

Table of contents

Unit  I: Environmental, Cultural, and Social Factors That Influence the Cultivation and Utilization of Plants


Chapter 1: History, Trends, Issues, and Challenges in Plant Science

Chapter 2: Terrestrial Ecosysems and Their Relationship to Cultivating Plants

Chapter 3: Plants for Human Use

Chapter 4: Climate — Solar radiation, Water, Temperature, Atmosphere

Chapter 5: Soils


Unit II: Plant structure, chemistry, growth and development, genetics and biodiversity


Chapter 6: Structure of Higher Plants

Chapter 7: Stages of Growth and Development

Chapter 8: Plant Chemistry and Metabolism

Chapter 9: Genetics and propagation

Chapter 10: Biodiversity

Chapter 11: Photosynthesis and Respiration

Chapter 12: Soil,Water, and Plant Relationships

Chapter 13: Nutrients


Unit III: Principles and Practices for the Production and Utilization of Plants


Chapter 14: Soil,Water, Fertility Management

Chapter 15: Integrated Management of Weeds, Insects, and Diseases

Chapter 16: General Considerations For Production, Harvest, Postharvest Handling, and Marketing

Chapter 17: Agronomic crops grown for food, fiber, fuel and other industrial uses (Peter Thomison)

Chapter 18: Forage crops

Chapter 19: Vegetable crops

Chapter 20: Temperate fruit crops

Chapter 21: Tropical and subtropical fruits and nuts

Chapter 22: Nursery Production.  (Gary Bachman)

Chapter 23: Landscape plants

Chapter 24: Greenhouse crop production

Chapter 25: Turfgrass for golf courses, athletic fields and lawns (David Gardner

Chapter 26: Residential and Public Landscapes

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