Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education, Second Edition, 2nd edition

  • Beverlie Dietze
  • Diane Kashin

Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education, Second Edition

ISBN-13:  9780134639277

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Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education supports early childhood education students, practitioners, and primary educators to engage in the exploration of the theoretical framework of play, characteristics of play, the environmental and cultural factors that influence play, and the application of developmentally appropriate play practices. 

Playing and Learning in Early Childhood Education  is grounded in sharing new research, practices, and ways of knowing about play and its contributions it makes to the lives of children and how play sets the foundation for later academic and life dispositions. This new edition reinforces how play prepares children to develop the critical thinking, problem solving, their desire to be curious, and creative expression that facilitates their communication skills, ability to embrace place, community, their culture, and diversity amongst peers. These skills form the foundation for the 21st century skills needed that focus on STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Exploring the Foundations of Play

Chapter 2: The Process of Play

Chapter 3: Observing, Documenting, and Interpreting Children’s Play

Chapter 4: Outdoor and Nature Play: Unscripted and Unstructured

Chapter 5: Planning Play Spaces

Chapter 6: Loose Parts and Children’s Play

Chapter 7: Art and Play

Chapter 8: Blocks and Child’s Play

Chapter 9: Dramatic Play

Chapter 10: Language, Emergent Literacy, and Play

Chapter 11: Math and Science and Play

Chapter 12: Music, Movement, and Play

Chapter 13: Bringing Technology into Child’s Play

Chapter 14: Taking Play to the Next Level

Published by Pearson Canada (March 15th 2018) - Copyright © 2018