Plug and Play System Architecture, 1st edition

  • Tom Shanley

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"A compendium of vital information for any Plug and Play developer or anyone interested in the inner workings of the Plug and Play standard. All of the ifnormation is very well presented and carefully explained."

Steven H. Leibson
Editor-in-Chief, EDN Magazine

Designed as a companion volume to the official hardware design guide for Windows® 95, Plug and Play System Architecture provides a detailed hardware and software description of the Plug and Play technology that is integrated into Windows 95 and will soon appear in other operating systems, including Windows NT. In addition to coverage of ISA and EISA Plug and Play, PCMCIA and PCI are also discussed. Tom Shanley provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject including:

  • legacy ISA drawbacks

  • Plug and Play on EISA and ISA cards

  • Windows 95 PCI problems

  • Windows 95 PCMCIA enhancements

  • Plug and Play terminology defined

  • accessing configuration registers

  • description of configuration registers

  • resource data structure

  • Plug and Play BIOS

  • Plug and Play device ROMs

  • device ID format and Windows 95 device IDs

If you design Plug and Play cards, motherboards, device drivers, BIOS code, or operating systems, Plug and Play System Architecture is an essential, time-saving tool.


Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (July 26th 1995) - Copyright © 1995