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PN Junction Diode, The: Volume III, 2nd edition

  • George W. Neudeck

Published by Pearson (January 1st 1988) - Copyright © 1989

2nd edition

PN Junction Diode, The: Volume III

ISBN-13: 9780201122961

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  • Paperback

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This text builds a firm foundation in PN junction theory from a conceptual and mathematical viewpoint. The second edition adds a large number of end-of-chapter problems, solved exercises, and a new chapter on metal-semiconductor contacts.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Diode.

2. P-N Junction Statics.

3. The Ideal Diode Volt-Ampere Characteristic.

4. Deviations from the Ideal Diode.

5. P-N Junction Admittance.

6. Switching Response.

7. Metal-Semiconductor Contacts.

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