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Police Patrol: Operations and Management, 3rd edition

  • Charles D. Hale

Published by Pearson (August 4th 2003) - Copyright © 2004

3rd edition

Police Patrol: Operations and Management

ISBN-13: 9780131126343

Includes: Paperback
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Hale's Police Patrol, Third Edition covers patrol operations, goals, and strategies. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of police patrol operations. It combines management theory with case study examples taken from small police departments in addition to coverage of community and problem oriented policing. This new edition discusses important issues such as:

  • The most fundamental aspects of the patrol function—preparing for patrol and patrol techniques
  • The role of the uniformed police officer in the criminal investigation process
  • Community outreach programs including victim advocacy programs, citizen advisory councils, and school curricula
  • Cultural diversity in the workplace
  • The importance of integrity in police work
  • Bias crime, stalking, and racial profiling

Police Patrol will serve the needs of the law enforcement community and further strengthen and improve upon the police patrol effort. This third edition may prove to be especially useful to police personnel who are employed in accredited police agencies or in those that are considering or attempting accreditation.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Patrol Goals and Objectives.

 3. The Patrol Environment.

 4. Police Patrol Hazards.

 5. Violence and the Police.

 6. Police Patrol Functions.

 7. Back to the Basics: Community-Oriented Policing and Problem-Oriented Policing.

 8. Police Patrol Methods.

 9. Patrol Force Organization and Management.

10. Patrol Force Staffing and Deployment.

11. Supporting the Police Patrol Function.

12. Patrol Supervision.

13. Special Issues in Police Patrol Operations.

14. Upgrading the Police Patrol Function.



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