Political Philosophy: The Search for Humanity and Order, 1st edition

  • Jene Porter
  • John Hallowell

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This book is designed as an introduction to the major thinkers in political philosophy. KEY TOPICS: This is a representation of a wide range of philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche. Although it acquaints the reader with some of the key controversies in interpreting each thinker and the socio-cultural context in which they wrote, this book focuses on the arguments developed in each of their key works. Discussing the intellectual, cultural, and social context for each philosopher, this book is a collection of works which comprise the foundation of modern political philosophy.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter contains a conclusion and suggestions for further reading.)



1. Plato.

The Pre-Socratic Philosophers. The Sophists. Socrates. Plato: HIs Life and Works. The Gorgias. The Republic. The Republic: Selection of the Guardians and Their Manner of Living. The Republic: The Definition of Justice. The Republic: Education of the Guardians. The Republic: The Four Stages of Cognition. The Republic: The Allegory of the Cave. The Republic: The Decline of the Best State. The Republic: Concluding Observations. The Laws. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

2. Aristotle.

Aristotle: His Life and Works. Aristotle's Metaphysics. Nicomachean Ethics. Theoretical and Practical Reason. The Politics: The Nature of the Polis. Household Management. Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's Republic. Types of Political Order. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

3. The Hellenistic Age and the Roman Lawyers.

The Early Cynics. Epicureanism. Stoicism. The Revision of Stoicism. Polybius. Cicero. The Roman Law. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

4. St. Augustine and the Early Middle Ages.

The Hebraic Tradition. Early Christianity. The Christian Creeds. Augustine: His Life and Works. Augustine's Conception of Human Nature. The City of God and the City of Babylon. Augustine's Conception of the State. Augustine on Slavery and Property. Greek and Christian Thought Compared. Church and State in the Early Middle Ages. Law in the Early Middle Ages. Law in the Early Middle Ages. Feudalism. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

5. St. Thomas Aquinas and the High Middle Ages.

Recovery of Greek Philosophy. Aquinas: His Life and Works. Reason and Revelation. Political Philosophy. Virtue. Law. Political Structure. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

6. Machiavelli.

The Renaissance. Machiavelli: His Life and Works. The Prince. The Discourses. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

7. Thomas Hobbes and The Intellectual Revolution of the Seventeenth Century.

Seventeenth Century. The Rise of Modern Science. The Reaction of the Church. Rene Descartes (1596-1650). Hobbes: His Life and Works. Leviathan. The First Part: Of Man. The Second Part: Of Commonwealth. The Third Part: Of a Christian Commonwealth. The Fourth Part: Of the Kingdom of Darkness. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

8. John Locke.

Locke: His Life and Works. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. The Two Treatises. First Treatise. Second Treatise. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

9. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Rousseau: His LIfe and Works. Discourse on the Sciences and Arts (The First Discourse). Discourse on Inequality (The Second Discourse). On the Social Contract. The General Will with Moral Liberty. Popular Sovereignty and Participation. The Institutional Structure within the Political System. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

10. Utilitarianism: John Stuart Mill.

Bentham and John Stuart Mill. Bentham: HIs Life and Works. Mill: His Life and Works. Utilitarianism Reconsidered. On Liberty. Government and Society. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

11. Karl Marx.

Marx: His Life and Works. Philosophic Background. Historical Materialism. Economics. Conclusions. Suggestions for Further Readings.

12. The End of History and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Meaning in History. Nietzsche: His Life and Works. Philosophy. Great Politics. Evaluation. Retrospective. Suggestions for Further Readings.


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