Politics, Power and the Common Good: An Introduction to Political Science, 6th edition

  • Eric Mintz
  • David H. Close
  • Osvaldo Croci

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With this sixth edition of Politics, Power, and the Common Good, we continue to endeavour to present a clear explanation of the basics of politics, while at the same time raising challenging questions that will encourage students to think deeply about the contemporary political world.

In this book, we provide the basic knowledge that every citizen (or potential citizen) should have, from understanding the political parties that seek our votes to understanding the way that Canada’s parliamentary system works. While readers need to understand the politics and political structure of our own country, politics is about more than the institutions of government. Globalization makes it important to understand what is happening in the world at large and how this affects our lives in Canada. Readers will learn about the contending perspectives that are used to understand the world, the problems of the nearly one billion people who live in extreme poverty, the global political systems of the twenty-first century, and much more.


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Table of contents

1: Understanding Politics
2: The Nation-States and Globalization
3: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, and Fascism
4: Feminism, Environmentalism, and Populism
5: Political Culture, Political Participation, and Political Socialization
6: Political Parties
7: Elections, Electoral Systems, and Voting Behaviour
8: Interest Groups, Social Movements, and Political Communication
9: Unconventional and Highly Conflictive Politics: From Protest to Revolution
10: Democratic and Non-Democratic Government
11: Non-Democratic Government: Hybrid and Authoritarian Regimes
12: Constitutions, Courts, and Laws
13: Multiple Governments
14: Parliamentary Systems
15: Presidential and Semi-Presidential Systems
16: Public Policy and Public Administration
17: Politics and Development in the World’s Poorer Countries
18: Politics and Governance at the Global Level

Published by Pearson Canada (December 2nd 2019) - Copyright © 2021