Practical Planning for Network Growth, 1st edition

  • John Blommers

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As computer networks grow, network managers and system administrators are challenged to improve their network's performance. This book offers multi-vendor, multi-protocol, heterogeneous tools for evaluating and improving network performance. KEY TOPICS: Covers the fundamentals of network performance analysis; the parameters found in media such as Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI; interconnect devices such as hubs, bridges, routers, and Ethernet switches; wide area technologies such as T-!, Frame Relay, and X.25; server architecture; and the application of practical tools such as LOTUS 123, MathCAD, and PlanNet to real network performance problems. MARKET: For network administrators, network designers, network performance analysts, and network consultants.

Table of contents

 1. Answering Some Real World Network Performance Questions.

 2. Collecting Network Performance Data.

 3. Accuracy Issues with Network Performance Data.

 4. Selecting Alternative Network Topologies to Meet Performance and Cost Goals.

 5. Performance Indicators.

 6. Network Statistics 101 - The Essentials.

 7. Predicting Average Values for Response Time and Throughput.

 8. Worst Case Analysis.

 9. Applied Queuing Theory 101.

10. Simulation Methods.

11. Using Spreadsheets to Predict and Plot Performance.

12. Using MathCAD 5.0 to Predict Network Performance.

13. Using COMDISCO's PlanNet Simulation Tool.

14. Comparing Average, Worst Case, Queuing and Simulation Tools.

15. Network Performance Prediction Difficulties.

16. References Papers.

Published by Pearson (April 17th 1996) - Copyright © 1996