Principles of Classroom Management, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • James Levin
  • James F. Nolan
  • James W. Kerr
  • Anne E. Elliott
  • Mira Bajovic

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The central theme of Principles of Classroom Management is the importance of the teacher-student relationship in fostering positive student behaviour and academic success. The authors focus on the critical nature of language and labelling, placing the onus on teachers to modify either their behaviour or the situation.


The other pillar of Principles of Classroom Management is its up-to-date Canadian content. It reflects Canadian values through its references to current Canadian research, discussion of changes in Canadian schools, and coverage of best practices across the country. The case studies have also been revisited to ensure they reflect real, current issues in Canadian schools.

Table of contents


Iterative Case Study Analyses (this is a brief description of the Cases Study Analysis)

Iterative Case Study analysis: First Analysis

Part One: Foundations

Chapter 1: The Foundations

Chapter 2: Nature of Behavioural Problems

Chapter 3: Understanding Why Children Misbehave

Chapter 4: Bullying and Cyberbullying: Implications for the Classroom

Chapter 5: Philosophical Approaches to Classroom Management Iterative Case Study Analysis: Second Analysis


Part Two: Prevention

Chapter 6: The Professional Teacher

Chapter 7: Structuring the Environment Iterative Case Study Analysis: Third Analysis


Part Three: Interventions for Common Behaviour Problems

Chapter 8: Managing Common Misbehaviour Problems: Nonverbal Interventions

Chapter 9: Managing Common Misbehaviour Problems: Verbal Interventions and Use of Logical Consequences


Part Four: Interventions for Chronic Behaviour Problems

Chapter 10: Classroom Interventions for Chronic Behaviour Problems

Chapter 11: Seeking Outside Assistance Iterative Case Study Analysis: Fourth Analysis


Appendix: The Discipline Problem Analysis Inventory (DPAI)References



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