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Principles of Criminal Law, 7th edition

  • Cliff Roberson
  • Michael O'Reilley

Published by Pearson (January 2nd 2019) - Copyright © 2020

7th edition


For courses in criminal law.

A succinct, readable survey of criminal law
Principles of Criminal Law is a clear, efficient introduction to criminal law viewed through the lens of human behavior. Concise enough for a one-semester course, it provides critical background information, establishes elements of major crimes, and covers a vast range of crimes, including white­-collar, victimless, and political crimes — without dense citations or lengthy discussion. Bolstered by cases and critical-thinking features, the 7th edition has new information on organized and white-collar crime, up-to-date marijuana laws, and additional content on specific crimes and legal rules.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Criminal Law
2. Criminal Liability
3. Requirement of an Act
4. Inchoate or Anticipatory Crimes
5. Defenses
6. Homicide
7. Sex Crimes
8. Crimes Against Persons
9. Theft and Property Crimes
10. Robbery, Extortion, and Bribery
11. Crimes Against Habitation
12. Crimes Against Public Morals
13. Narcotics and Alcohol Crimes
14. Crimes of Abuse
15. White-Collar and Organized Crimes
16. Punishments

Case Index
Subject Index

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