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  5. Principles of Crop Production: Theory, Techniques, and Technology

Principles of Crop Production: Theory, Techniques, and Technology, 2nd edition

  • George Acquaah

Published by Pearson (January 16th 2020) - Copyright © 2005

2nd edition

Principles of Crop Production: Theory, Techniques, and Technology

ISBN-13: 9780131145566

Includes: Paperback
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This book contains the most comprehensive, detailed coverage of crop production issues in the US. KEY TOPICS: It provides the “how and why” things are the way they are, and recognizes the business of crop production. Other coverage includes the latest trends impacting crop production—i.e., sustainable agriculture, organic farming, environmental safety consciousness, and more. MARKET: For individuals preparing for a future in agriculture and for the Crop Certification exams.

Table of contents


 1. Crop Production and Society.

 2. Plant Morphology.

 3. Fundamental Plant Growth Processes.

 4. Plant Growth and Development.

 5. Crop Improvement.

 6. Climate and Weather.

 7. Soil and Land.

 8. Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers.

 9. Plant and Soil Water.

10. Pests in Crop Production.

11. Agricultural Production Systems.

12. Organic Crop Production.

13. Transgenics in Crop Production.

14. Rangeland and Pastures and Their Management.

15. Tillage Systems and Farm Energy.

16. Seed, Seedling, and Seeding.

17. Harvesting and Storage of Crops.

18. Marketing and Handling Grain Crops.


19 Wheat (Common).

20. Rice.

21. Corn.

22. Sorghum.

23. Barley.

24. Soybean.

25. Peanut.

26. Cotton.

27. Potato.

28. Alfalfa.

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