Principles of Economics Package Syracuse University, 1st edition


Not many economics textbooks open with a poem by Robert Frost, but Principles of Economic Analysis does; it’s just one of the many ways in which this book stands out from the crowd. Using a narrative voice that treats the reader as an adult and offering examples that are often edgy, the author makes the principles of economics come alive in a way that is sure to engage students.

While this text provides a comprehensive overview of micro- and macroeconomic principles, it is designed for a one-semester course, presenting the information in an efficient manner. It both serves the needs of students who will be continuing in economics and those who simply need grounding in the subject as they explore a broader range of social sciences. Whatever their future academic choice, Principles of Economic Analysis gives students the tools they need to ask insightful questions and form thoughtful answers to them.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

1.       Introduction

2.       Modeling Individual Choice

3.       Interdependent Choice and Market Coordination

4.       Product Market Demand under Perfect Competition

5.       Product Market Supply

6.       Representing the Power of the Invisible Hand

7.       The Factor Market

8.       General Competitive Equilibrium (GCE)

9.       Market Power, Market Failure, and General Equilibrium

10.     The Microeconomy and the Government

11.     Introduction to Macroeconomics

12.     The Basic Macro Model

13.     Aggregate Demand

14.     Aggregate Supply and the Transition to Policy

15.     Policy: The Promise and the Problems

16.     Monetary Policy

17.     Fiscal Policy

18.     Trade Policy

19.     Conclusion

20.     Your Author’s Research

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