Principles of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, 1st edition

  • James Martin
  • James J. Odell

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Using terms the layman can understand, this book provides an introduction to object-oriented analysis and design, and its use to create models for redesigning a business enterprise. KEY TOPICS: Easy-to-follow and complete, the book covers the OO (Object Oriented) principles of: BLOB (Binary Large OBject), class, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, message, method, object type, operation, and request. MARKET: This book was written for Information Systems professionals and all those interested in object-oriented analysis and design.

Table of contents

 1. OO: An Integrating Platform

 2. Basic Concepts

 3. Why Object-Oriented?

 4. Basic Guidelines

 5. OO Models

 6. Categorizing Objects

 7. Relationships among Objects

 8. States and State Changes

 9. Events, Triggers, and Operations

10. Rules

11. How the Diagrams Interrelate

12. Basic Concepts of OO Design

13. Responsibility-Driven Design

14. OO Workshops with End Users

15. Methods Creation

16. OO Information Engineering

17. OO Programming Languages

18. OO CASE Tools

19. OO Databases

20. Future Tools for Reliable Software

21. Standards for OO Systems

22. The Future of Software

Published by Pearson (October 27th 1992) - Copyright © 1993