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Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design using C++, 6th edition

  • Frank L. Friedman
  • Elliot B. Koffman
Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design using C++

ISBN-13: 9780136079477

Includes: Paperback

6th edition

Published byPearson (March 8th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

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What's included

  • Paperback

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Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++ presents and reinforces basic principles of software engineering design and object-oriented programming concepts while introducing the C++ programming language. The hallmark feature of this book is the Software Development Method that is introduced in the first chapter and carried throughout in the case studies presented.

Table of contents

Brief Contents
chapter 0: Computer Science as a Career Path 1
chapter 1: Introduction to Computers, Problem Solving, and Programming 15
chapter 2: Overview of C++ 53
chapter 3: Top-Down Design with Functions and Classes 117
chapter 4: Selection Structures: if and switch Statements 197
chapter 5: Repetition and Loop Statements 259
chapter 6: Modular Programming 333
chapter 7: Simple Data Types 387
chapter 8: Streams and Files 443
chapter 9: Data Structures:Arrays and Structs 487
chapter 10: User-Defined Classes 565
chapter 11: Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Design 627
chapter 12: Recursion 691
chapter 13: Pointers and Dynamic Data Structures 729
chapter 14: Multiprocessing Using Processes and Threads 795
Index 851

The following are available online:
Appendix A ASCII Character Set
Appendix B Reserved Words and Special Characters
Appendix C Selected C++ Library Facilities
Appendix D Operators
Appendix E A Brief Introduction to Inheritance and Polymorphism
Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions

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