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  3. Problem Solving in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with POLYMATH, Excel, and MATLAB

Problem Solving in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with POLYMATH, Excel, and MATLAB, 2nd edition

  • Michael B. Cutlip
  • Mordechai Shacham

Published by Pearson (September 12th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

2nd edition

Problem Solving in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with POLYMATH, Excel, and MATLAB

ISBN-13: 9780131482043

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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  • Clearly develops problem solutions using fundamental principles to create mathematical models
  • New content of the book and the POLYMATH package will allow students to easily solve advanced problems within EXCEL or Matlab
  • An excellent reference book to use throughout student's educational studies
  • Companion website offers solutions manual, data files for selected problems, MATLAB templates and more. http://www.problemsolvingbook.com/

Table of contents


Chapter 1 Problem Solving with Mathematical Software Packages 1

1.1 Efficient Problem Solving--The Objective of This Book 1

1.2 From Manual Problem Solving to Use of Mathematical Software 2

1.3 Categorizing Problems According to the Solution Technique Used 5

1.4 Effective Use of This Book 10

1.5 Software Usage with This Book 12

1.6 Web-Based Resources for This Book 13

Chapter 2 Basic Principles and Calculations15

2.1 Molar Volume and Compressibility Factor from Van Der Waals Equation 15

2.2 Molar Volume and Compressibility Factor from Redlich-Kwong Equation 19

2.3 Stoichiometric Calculations for Biological Reactions 20

2.4 Steady-State Material Balances on A Separation Train 23

2.5 Fitting Polynomials and Correlation Equations to Vapor Pressure Data 25

2.6 Vapor Pressure Correlations for Sulfur Compounds in Petroleum 33

2.7 Mean Heat Capacity of N-Propane 34

2.8 Vapor Pressure Correlation by Clapeyron and Antoine Equations 36

2.9 Gas Volume Calculations Using Various Equations of State 38

2.10 Bubble Point Calculation for an Ideal Binary Mixture 41

2.11 Dew Point Calculation for an Ideal Binary Mixture 44

2.12 Bubble Point and Dew Point for an Ideal Multicomponent Mixture 45

2.13 Adiabatic Flame Temperature in Combustion 46

2.14 Unsteady-State Mixing in a Tank 49

2.15 Unsteady-State Mixing in a Series of Tanks 52

2.16 Heat Exchange in a Series of Tanks 53

References 56

Chapter 3 Regression and Correlation of Data57

3.1 Estimation of Antoine Equation Parameters Using Nonlinear Regression 57

3.2 Antoine Equation Parameters for Various Hydrocarbons 61

3.3 Correlation of Thermodynamic and Physical Properties of N-Propane 62

3.4 Temperature Dependency of Selected Properties 72

3.5 Heat Transfer Correlations from Dimensional Analysis 73

3.6 Heat Transfer Correlation of Liquids in Tubes 79

3.7 Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Reactor 80

3.8 Correlation of Binary Activity Coefficients Using Margules Equations 81

3.9 Margules Equations for Binary Systems Containing Trichloroethane 86

3.10 Rate Data Analysis for A Catalytic Reforming Reaction 87

3.11 Regression of Rate Data-Checking Dependency Among Variables 89

3.12 Regression of Heterogeneous Catalytic Rate Data 93

3.13 Variation of Reaction Rate Constant with Temperature 94

3.14 Calculation of Antoine Equation Parameters Using Linear Regression 95

References 100

Chapter 4 Problem Solving with Excel 101

4.1 Molar Volume And Compressibility From Redlich-Kwong Equation 101

4.2 Calculation Of The Flow Rate In A Pipeline 110

4.3 Adiabatic Operation Of A Tubular Reactor For Cracking Of Acetone 119

4.4 Correlation Of The Physical Properties Of Ethane 128

4.5 Complex Chemical Equilibrium By Gibbs Energy Minimization 144

References 152

Chapter 5 Problem Solving with MATLAB 153

5.1 Molar Volume and Compressibility from Redlich-Kwong Equation 153

5.2 Calculation of the Flow Rate in a Pipeline 165

5.3 Adiabatic Operation of a Tubular Reactor for Cracking of Acetone 173

5.4 Correlation of the Physical Properties of Ethane 182

5.5 Complex Chemical Equilibrium by Gibbs Energy Minimization 195

Reference 202

Chapter 6 Advanced Techniques in Problem Solving 203

6.1 Solution of Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations 203

6.2 Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations in Chemical Kinetics 206

6.3 Multiple Steady States in a System of Ordinary Differential Equations 207

6.4 Iterative Solution of Ode Boundary Value Problem 209

6.5 Shooting Method for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems 218

6.6 Expediting the Solution of Systems of Nonlinear Algebrai

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