Procedures in the Justice System, 11th edition

  • Cliff Roberson
  • Harvey Wallace


For courses in criminal procedure


From Arrest to Sentencing: A Comprehensive Guide to Criminal Justice Procedures

Procedures in the Justice System presents the judicial procedures and related issues involved in criminal cases from arrest to conviction and sentencing. Real cases are used throughout to illuminate key points. Down-to-earth examples, illustrations, and court documents help make students grasp the application of key concepts and practice. The Eleventh Edition has been updated throughout and expanded to include new chapters on police and citizen encounters and interrogation procedures.

Table of contents

Brief Contents


1. An Introduction to the Justice System

2. Search and Seizure

3. Arrest and Custody

4. Law Enforcement and the Citizen on the Street

5. Privilege Against Compulsory

6. Charging and Initial Appearance

7. Assistance of Counsel

8. Pretrial Motions, Hearings, and Plea

9. Courtroom Evidence

10. Jury

11. Trial Procedure

12. Deliberation of the Jury and the Verdict

13. Sentencing and Appeals

14. Collateral Proceedings and Writs

Appendix A: Outline of Trial Procedure

Appendix B: Motion for the Production and Inspection of Evidence and Information That May Lead to Evidence



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