Process Operations, 1st edition


PROCESS OPERATIONS is intended for use in community colleges, technical colleges, universities, and corporate settings in which process technology is taught. However, educators in many disciplines will find these materials useful as a complete reference for both theory and practical application. Students will find this textbook to be a valuable resource throughout their process technology career.

The Center for the Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT) currently offers instructor manuals and student workbooks for their books. Currently these must be PURCHASED by the instructor or institution. These materials, order forms, and pricing, can be viewed and purchased at this website:

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Operations

Chapter 2: Procedure Writing

Chapter 3: Reading Process Drawings

Chapter 4: Complying with Safety, Health, & Environmental Policies

Chapter 5: Communication: Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Written

Chapter 6: Shift Change/Relief

Chapter 7: Abnormal and Emergency Operations

Chapter 8: On-the-Job Training

Chapter 9: Maintenance

Chapter 10: Unit Commissioning

Chapter 11: Unit Start-Up

Chapter 12: Lock-out/Tag-out

Chapter 13: Utility and Auxiliary Systems

Chapter 14: Process Technician Routine Duties: Normal Operations

Chapter 15: Sampling

Chapter 16: Unit Shut-Down

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