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  5. Profit Without Honor: White Collar Crime and the Looting of America


Well-written, witty, and authoritative.


Profit Without Honor clearly exposes the battle between personal gain and individual integrity and provides a comprehensive overview of white-collar crime in American society. Presenting a vivid picture of all types of white-collar crime, the book covers high-profile cases, the latest trends in criminal activity, and a thorough discussion of the victims and consequences of these criminal behaviors. This edition addresses the recurrent financial meltdowns in recent years and the role of fraud and corporate crime in these crises. Utilizing both academic and popular sources, the book challenges readers to grasp the importance and long-term effects of white-collar crime in America.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1      Introduction

CHAPTER 2      Crimes Against Consumers

CHAPTER 3      Unsafe Products

CHAPTER 4      Environmental Crime

CHAPTER 5      Institutional Corruption: Mass Media and Religion

CHAPTER 6      Securities Fraud

CHAPTER 7      Corporate Fraud

CHAPTER 8      Fiduciary Fraud: Crime in the Banking, Insurance, and Pension Fund Industries

CHAPTER 9      Crimes by the Government

CHAPTER 10    Corruption of Public Officials

CHAPTER 11    Medical Crime

CHAPTER 12    Computer Crime

CHAPTER 13    Conclusions

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