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Progressive Education: A Critical Introduction, 1st edition

Progressive Education: A Critical Introduction

ISBN-13:  9780826440914


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How and why we should educate children has always been a central concern for governments around the world, and there have long been those who have opposed orthodoxy, challenged perception and called for a radicalization of youth. Progressive Education draws together Continental Romantics, Utopian dreamers, radical feminists, pioneering psychologists and social agitators to explore the history of the progressive education movement. Beginning with Jean Jacques Rousseau's seminal treatise Emile and closing with the Critical Pedagogy movement, this book draws on the latest scholarship to cover the key thinkers, movements and areas where schooling has been more than just a didactic pupil-teacher relationship. Blending narrative flair with thematic detail, this important work seeks to chart ideas which, whether accepted or not, continue to challenge and shape our understanding of education today.

Table of contents

Introduction 1. Pioneering Notions and Practices 2. Romanticism 3. Gender 4. Psychology 5. Democracy: The New Education Fellowship 6. Democracy: Parker, Dewey and the American Tradition 7. Social Reform 8. Critical Pedagogy Conclusion Bibliography Index

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Published by Bloomsbury Academic (November 21st 2013) - Copyright © 2013