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Project Management for Engineering and Technology, 1st edition

  • David L. Goetsch

Published by Pearson (December 23rd 2013) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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The complete, up-to-date guide to project management for engineering and technology that fully reflects the latest PMBOK standards.


Project Management for Engineering and Technology is the up-to-date guide to engineering and technology-specific project management that fully reflects the latest standards in the "Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK). Unlike competitive texts, it covers not just project management process skills, but also crucial people skills such as negotiation, personal time management, change management, diversity, and overcoming adversity. Topics covered include: scheduling, cost estimating, budgets, human resources, communication, procurement, quality plans, risk management, team building, project monitoring/control, and closeout. Readers will find up-to-date case studies related to the full spectrum of engineering and technology projects, including design, manufacturing, quality improvement, and process development. They will master skills they can apply in assignments ranging from the design and manufacture of the largest jetliner to the smallest circuit board. Every chapter contains a case study that illustrates the complexities and challenges of real-world engineering and technology projects, and shows why effective project management is so critical.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This book will help engineering and technology professionals quickly master project management best practices. It provides:

  • Comprehensive engineering and technology-specific coverage fully aligned to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): Thoroughly in accordance with the latest standards in the "Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK), and focused entirely on engineering and technology
  • Up-to-date coverage of realistic engineering and technology projects and project management challenges: Illuminates the specific realities of engineering and technology project management, with realistic case studies of complex, challenging projects throughout
  • Hands-on focus, comprehensive pedagogical tools, and support for flexible approaches to teaching and learning: Supported by comprehensive pedagogical tools, and designed for both classroom and online learning in a wide range of programs  

Table of contents




1. Overview of Project Management

2. Roles and Responsibilities of Project Managers



3. Project Initiation

4. Project Planning: The Schedule

5. Project Planning: The Cost Estimate and Budget

6. Project Planning: Human Resource, Communication, Procurement, and Quality Plans

7. Project Planning: The Risk Management Plan

8. Project Execution: Build the Project Team

9. Project Execution: Procurements

10. Project Monitoring and Control

11. Project Closeout



12. Project Managers as Team Leaders

13. Project Managers as Motivators

14. Project Managers as Communicators and Negotiators

15. Project Managers and Personal Time Management

16. Project Managers and Change

17. Project Managers and Diversity

18. Project Managers and Adversity




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