Psychology and Life, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd edition

  • Richard J. Gerrig
  • Philip G. Zimbardo
  • Serge Desmarais
  • Tammy Ivanco

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Psychology and Life 2nd Canadian edition is based on a classic text that provides a rigorous, research-centred approach to the study of psychology.  It makes tangible connections between the science of psychology and students’ lives, while offering balanced coverage of the various sub-disciplines, and keeping pace with its rapid changes and important new International and Canadian research. 

Psychology and Life is a text that students will enjoy reading and learning from as they are exposed to the many exciting and special facets in the discipline of psychology.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Psychology and Life

Chapter 2 Research Methods in Psychology

Statistical Supplement

Chapter 3 Evolutionary Psychology

Chapter 4 The Biological Bases of Behaviour

Chapter 5 Sensation and Perception

Chapter 6 Mind, Consciousness, and Alternate States

Chapter 7 Learning and Behaviour Analysis

Chapter 8 Memory

Chapter 9 Cognitive Processes

Chapter 10 Intelligence and Intelligence Assessment

Chapter 11 Human Development Across the Life Span

Chapter 12 Motivation

Chapter 13 Emotion, Stress, and Health

Chapter 14 Understanding Human Personality

Chapter 15 Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16 Therapies for Psychological Disorders

Chapter 17 Social Psychology

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Published by Pearson Canada (January 1st 2011) - Copyright © 2012