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Psychology and Personal Growth, 8th edition

  • Nelson Goud
  • Abe Arkoff

Published by Pearson (July 10th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

8th edition

Psychology and Personal Growth

ISBN-13: 9780205626755

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Psychology and Personal Growth, Eighth Edition


Nelson Goud and Abe Arkoff


With this newly revised, updated, and reorganized eighth edition, Nelson Goud and Abe Arkoff have made an outstanding personal growth and development text even better. Incorporating insightful articles from a wide range of sources, Psychology and Personal Growth, Seventh Edition, guides students in learning about themselves and how they interact with society. The eighth edition features new material on ethnic identity, distraction effects, risk-taking, and the meaning of life.


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Table of contents


Introduction and Overview

The Search for Identity: A Modern Problem, Carl Rogers

The Basic Relationship, Abe Arkoff

Rubricizing, Nelson Goud

            Mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn

Suddenly I’m the Adult?, Richard Cohen

Challenges of the Emerging Adult, Nelson Goud

The Rivers We Call Ourselves, Sarah Silbert

The Work World and the Emerging Adult, Nelson Goud

            Occupational Exploration, Christopher A. Schaefer

Woodworker, Craig Mosher

Ending the Battle Between the Sexes, Aaron R. Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron

            On Being a Man, Sam Keen

            From Both Sides, Lillian Rubin

If I Were A Car, I’d Be A Lemon, Denise Karuth

            Think “People First”, Ohio Public Images/Public Images Network


Childhood Survey

Are You An Adult?

Roles and Authenticity

A New Identity

Symbolic Identity

Gender Roles: Positive and Negative

Personal Goals — Identity


Introduction and Overview

Interpersonal Communication, Warner Burke

To Hear and To Be Heard, Carl Rogers

Johnny Bear and the Empath, Nelson Goud

            John Steinbeck on Listening

            A Teacher Hears

Self-Disclosure, Nelson Goud

You Just Don’t Understand, Deborah Tannen

Assertive, Nonassertive, and Aggressive Behavior, Arthur J. Lange and Patricia Jakubowski

Personal Journaling, Lou Beeker-Schultz

Awakening Intuition, Frances Vaughan

Sensational Living, Nelson Goud

Nature and Uses of Dreaming, Ernest Hartmann, M.D.

Sound Observations, Nelson Goud



Sender-Receiver Exchange

Point of View

The World of . . .

Effective Communicator Checklist

He Said, She Said

A Communication Medley

Intuition History

Problem Solving: Rational and Intuitive Strategies

Intuitive Problem-Solving Through Guided Imagery

Journal Beginnings

Sense Sampler

Trust Feast

Personal Goals — Human Communication

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