Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today, 11th edition

  • Steven J. Kirsh
  • Karen Grover Duffy
  • Eastwood Atwater

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Helps readers apply psychological insights to their own lives.


The eleventh edition of Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today is designed for students interested in applying psychological insights and principles to their own lives. The text helps readers achieve a better understanding of themselves and others.


The scope of Psychology for Living draws material from the major perspectives of psychology, including the psychodynamic, ecological, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic viewpoints. The goal of the text is based firmly on increasing readers’ understanding as well as their knowledge about adjustment, in order that they may continue learning and growing on their own. 


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Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers will be able to:

  • Apply psychological insights and principles to their own lives.
  • Increase their knowledge on adjustment, in order to continue learning and growing on their own.
  • Understand themselves and others better.



Table of contents

In this Section:
1. Brief Table of Contents

2. Full Table of Contents

1. Brief Table of Contents


Chapter 1:     Self-Direction in a Changing World

Chapter 2:       The Puzzle of Childhood  

Chapter 3:      Affirmative Aging — Adulthood

Chapter 4:     Seeking Selfhood

Chapter 5:     Toward Better Health

Chapter 6:     Taking Charge

Chapter 7:     Managing Motives and Emotions

Chapter 8:     Making and Keeping Friends

Chapter 9:     Leader or Follower?

Chapter 10:   At Work and Play

Chapter 11:   Sexuality

Chapter 12:   Love and Commitment

Chapter 13:    Stress

Chapter 14:   Understanding Mental Disorders

Chapter 15:   If You Go for Help

Chapter 16:   Good Grief and Death


 2. Full Table of Contents


PART 1:  Introduction

Chapter 1:                 Self-Direction in a Changing World

Social Change

The Challenge of Self-Direction

Themes of Personal Growth


PART 2:  Becoming

Chapter 2:                 The Puzzle of Childhood

Perspectives on Child Development

Key Foundational Elements of Childhood


Chapter 3:                 Affirmative Aging—Adulthood

Adult Development

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions—Early Adulthood

Same Old, Same Old?—Middle Adulthood

Aging Gracefully—Late Adulthood


Chapter 4:                 Seeking Selfhood

What Is Self-Concept?

The Components of the Self

Core Characteristics of Self-Concept

The Self-Concept and Personal Growth


Chapter 5:                 Toward Better Health

Body Image

Health and the Mind–Body Relationship

Coping with Illness

Promoting Wellness


Chapter 6:                 Taking Charge         

Personal Control

Decision Making

Decisions and Personal Growth


Chapter 7:                 Managing Motives and Emotions

Understanding Motivation

Understanding Emotions


PART 4:  Being Social

Chapter 8:                 Making and Keeping Friends

Meeting People

Keeping Friends

When It’s Hard to Make Friends


Chapter 9:                 Groups: Belonging, Following, and Leading

Kinds of Groups

Creating and Joining Groups

What Goes on in Groups?

When Groups Go Wrong

Group Leadership


Chapter 10:               At Work and Play

At Work

At Play


PART 5:  Being Intimate

Chapter 11:               Sexuality

Sexuality and Shared Partnerships

Sexual Responsiveness

Sexual Orientation

Practical Issues


Chapter 12:               Love and Commitment

Love is a Many Splendored (and Defined) Thing

Finding Love

Marriage and Other Committed Relationships

Adjusting to Intimate Relationships

Divorce and Its Consequences


PART 6:  Facing Challenges

Chapter 13:               Stress!

Oh No!—Understanding Stress

Yikes!—Reactions to Stress

Phew!—Managing Stress


Chapter 14:               Understanding Mental Disorders

Psychological Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Other Disorders

Applying This to Yourself


Chapter 15:               If You Go for Help

Psychotherapy: What is it? Who Uses it?

Insight Therapies—The Talking Cure

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

Other Approaches to Treatment

How Well Does Therapy Work?

Finding Help


Chapter 16:               Death, Dying, and Grief

Death and Dying

Life and Death in Perspective

Bereavement and Grief

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