Psychology Nurses Health Care Professnls, 1st edition

  • David Messer
  • Claire Meldrum

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This is the only book to combine an introduction to psychology with the specifics of nursing care. It covers all aspects of psychology relevant to student nurses and others training to be health care professionals. The topic based structure of the book allows it to be used across a wide range of courses and the linking of psychological theory and nursing practice is made explicit by the use of case study material and discussion points.

Table of contents

The Nature and Scope of Psychology - Claire Meldrum. THE ROLE OF THE NURSE IN HEALTH CARE. Models of Organisation for Nursing Practice - Joanna Dodd. Interacting With Patients/Clients - Denise Knight. Working With Groups - Mary Horton. Nursing the Family - Paul March. Attitudes and Attitude Change - Lucy Johnston. Social Cognition and Health Behaviour - Peter Harris & Wendy Middleton. PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPTS APPLIED TO NURSING. Personality - John Gosling. Memory and Information - Neville Austin. Nursing and Error - Donald Riley. Psychopharmacology - Elizabeth Sykes. Brain Damage - Jane Pierson. LIFE PROCESSES AND EVENTS. Common Addictive Behaviours - Beryl Starr. Approaches to Pain Control - Beryl Starr. Managing Stress in Health Care - Fiona Jones. The Consequences of Stress - B (C) Fletcher. Psychological Implications of HIV Infection - Barbara Hedge. Dying and Bereavement - Paul March. WORKING WITH CHILDREN. Bonding, Attachment and Separation - David Messer. Communications With Children - David Messer. Nurses and People With Learning Disabilities - Julie Dockerell & Pat Hasan. Physical and Sensory Disabilities in Childhood - Vicky Lewis. WORKING WITH ELDERLY ADULTS. Cognitive Changes in Normal Aging - Claire Meldrum. Wellbeing in Later Life - Valerie Fisher. Dementia in the Elderly - John Done & Judith Thomas. When Systems Break Down - Julie Dockrell and Gail Wilson.

Published by Pearson (March 24th 1995) - Copyright © 1995