Psychology, 6th edition

  • G Neil Martin


ISBN-13:  9781292090580


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Psychology is the internationally best-selling introduction to one of the world’s most exciting sciences. This popular text explores every major branch in the field, allowing students to discover classic and contemporary topics, theories and applications.


This new 6th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes over 1000 new references, as well as coverage of the DSM5 and new topics such as social neuroscience, spurious correlations, new theories of intelligence, the history of neuroscience and the Dark Tetrad. It also includes a discussion of the importance of replication, to encourage students to engage with this topical issue.


A range of engaging pedagogical features bring alive the diverse strands within the subject. These include:


·    Cutting Edge: 62 all new sections for this edition, introducing important and exciting research from across the discipline.

·    Controversies in Psychological Science: current debates that encourage students to reflect upon the complex nature of topics within the field, covering issues such as: what is the role of oxytocin in trustworthiness? When is it right to deceive participants in psychological studies? Does brain training work? Do learning styles exist? … and many more.

·    Psychology in Action: sections highlighting the link between theory and application. Consider a range of real world examples such as: what will make you a better student? Does speed-reading work?

·    International Perspectives: covers topics such as happiness and how brain research is being conducted in a global context.


Richly illustrated throughout, with examples from across the globe, this is an essential read for students of psychology and related disciplines just beginning their studies, as well as for those who simply want to explore psychology in more depth.

Table of contents

  • 1. The science of psychology
  • 2. How to study behaviour
  • 3. Evolution, genetics and behaviour
  • 4. Psychobiology and neuroscience
  • 5. Sensation
  • 6. Perception
  • 7. Learning and behaviour
  • 8. Memory
  • 9. Consciousness
  • 10. Language and communication
  • 11. Intelligence and thinking
  • 12. Developmental psychology
  • 13. Motivation and emotion
  • 14. Personality
  • 15. Social psychology I: Social cognition and attitudes
  • 16. Social psychology II: Interpersonal and group processes
  • 17. Psychology and health
  • 18. Mental health and illness
  • Glossary

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