Python: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd edition

  • Toby Donaldson

Python: Visual QuickStart Guide

ISBN-13:  9780321929556

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Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language used in a wide variety of situations such as Web, database access, desktop GUIs, game and software development, and network programming. Fans of Python use the phrase "batteries included" to describe the standard library, which covers everything from asynchronous processing to zip files. The language itself is a flexible powerhouse that can handle practically any application domain.

This task-based tutorial on Python is for those new to the language and walks you through the fundamentals. You'll learn about arithmetic, strings, and variables; writing programs; flow of control, functions; strings; data structures; input and output; and exception handling. At the end of the book, a special section walks you through a longer, realistic application, tying the concepts of the book together.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming
  • Chapter 2 Arithmetic, Strings, and Variables
  • Chapter 3 Writing Programs
  • Chapter 4 Flow of Control
  • Chapter 5 Functions
  • Chapter 6 Strings
  • Chapter 7 Data Structures
  • Chapter 8 Input and Output
  • Chapter 9 Exception Handling
  • Chapter 10 Object-Oriented Programming
  • Chapter 11 Case Study: Text Statistics
  • Appendix A Popular Python Packages
  • Appendix B Comparing Python 2 and Python 3
  • Index

Published by Peachpit Press (July 5th 2013) - Copyright © 2014