Quality, 6th edition

  • Donna C. S. Summers

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Clear techniques and real-world illustrations show how quality tools can be used to improve outputs, productivity, costs, and safety.

Quality, 6/e provides the tools and techniques needed to help organizations improve in the areas of quality, productivity, and safety. Using a wide-range of industry examples, insightful case studies, clear explanations of popular quality assurance tools and techniques, numerous illustrations, and subject matter relevant to the challenges faced by today’s organizations, it takes an applied approach that teaches the “why and how” behind quality assurance and statistical process control. The contributors include engineers, business managers, quality assurance professionals, project managers, distribution managers, and others, and the examples come from industries as diverse as hospitals, government, utilities, manufacturing, building trades, and even the ballet. Suitable as a text for both business and engineering curricula at the college level, the book also serves as an ideal resource for professionals in the field who are working on organizational quality improvement.  

Table of contents

1.         Quality Basics

2.         Quality Advocates

3.         Quality Systems: ISO 9000, Supplier Certification Requirements, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Six Sigma

4.         Quality Improvement: Problem Solving

5.         Statistics

6.         Variable Control Charts

7.         Process Capability

8.         Other Variable Control Charts

9.         Probability

10.        Quality Control Charts for Attributes

11.        Reliability

12.        Advanced Topics in Quality

13.        Quality Costs

14.        Product Liability

15.        Benchmarking and Auditing

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2017) - Copyright © 2018