QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2019, 3rd edition

  • Janet Horne

QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2019 (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780135174920

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For one-semester courses in microcomputer accounting.


Provide a real-world experience with extensive hands-on material

Designed to present accounting concepts and their relationship to QuickBooks® 2018, QuickBooks® Online Plus: A Complete Course 2019 is a comprehensive instructional learning resource. The 3rd Edition uses fictitious companies and the QuickBooks Online Plus accounting program to provide hands-on training while it introduces major accounting concepts. Students have ample opportunity to apply the concepts they learn about in the text and software, and transition from training to using QuickBooks Online Plus in an actual business.


No prior knowledge of or experience with computers, Windows, or QuickBooks Online is required; however, an understanding of accounting, specifically the accounting cycle and how it is related to a business, is essential to successful completion of the coursework.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to QuickBooks Online Plus
  2. Create a Company
  3. Sales and Receivables: Service Items
  4. Payables and Purchases: Service Items
  5. General Accounting and End-of-Period Procedures
  6. Sales and Receivables: Products/Inventory and Service Items, Sales Tax, and Discounts
  7. Payables and Purchases: Inventory, Bills, Payments, and Discounts
  8. General Accounting, Inventory Adjustments, Pay Sales Taxes, Budgets, and End-of-Period Procedures
  9. Payroll

Appendix A: Create a Company Using QuickBooks Desktop

Appendix B: Go Mobile

Appendix C: Additional Features

Appendix D: QuickBooks Online Accountant

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