Racial and Ethnic Groups, 15th edition

  • Richard T. Schaefer

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Racial and Ethnic Groups presents race and ethnic relations in a sociohistorical context so you can understand the past and see how to shape the future. Engaging first-person accounts illuminate the changing dynamics of the US population and reveal the stories behind these changes.

Table of contents

1. Exploring Race and Ethnicity
2. Prejudice
3. Discrimination
4. Immigration
5. Ethnicity, Whiteness, and Religion
6. Native Americans: The First Americans
7. African Americans
8. African Americans Today
9. Latinos: Growth and Diversity
10. Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans
11. Muslim and Arab Americans: Diverse Minorities
12. Asian Pacific Americans: An Array of Nationalities
13. Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans
14. Jewish Americans: The Quest to Maintain Identity
15. Women: The Oppressed Majority
16. Beyond the United States: The Comparative Perspective
17. Overcoming Exclusion

Published by Pearson (December 10th 2020) - Copyright © 2019