Reading and Understanding Economics, 1st edition

  • Kevin Boakes

Reading and Understanding Economics

ISBN-13:  9780273722540


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Reading and Understanding Economics enables you to get to grips with all the issues in today’s economy discussed at length everywhere you look in the media leaving you armed with a new vocabulary of key economic terms ready to conduct your own analysis next time you read a newspaper or listen to the news for business or pleasure

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Part A:  Microeconomics


Topic 1) Introducing Economics: Scarcity and Choice


Article 1) Britain cuts back – but still goes on holiday.

The Guardian, 27 May 2008


Topic 2)           The economics of demand and supply


Article 2) Supply-side squeeze explains oil’s relentless rise into record territory.

The Financial Times, 16 April 2008.


Article 3) Is it worth it? As the cost of private schools soars, we look at what parents get for their money.

The Economist, 28 February 2008.


Topic 3) Costs: In the short and the long run.  


Article 4) Inside the Googleplex.

The Economist, 30 August 2007.


Topic 4) Competition policy in action


Article 5)  BAA monopoly on airports under fire

Financial Times, 11 March 2008.


Article 6)  Lack of wholesale competition blamed

The Financial Times, 9 April 2008.


Topic 5) Market failure and government intervention.


Article 7)  Petrol price rises and penalties for gas-guzzlers as Chancellor Alistair Darling goes green.

The Times, 10 March 2008.


Article 8) Crude Measures: Not everybody is paying higher oil prices.

The Economist, 29th May 2008.


Topic 6)           The role of government in the economy


Article 9)  Privatisation: One step forward

The Financial Times, 17 December 2007.


Article 10)  Sweden privatisation scheme faces delay

The Financial Times, 11 March 2008.


Topic 7)           Business organisations (from large to small companies).


Article 11)  Investor fury at M&S role for Rose

The Financial Times, 10 March 2008.


Article 12 ) M&S to placate investors over Rose

The Financial Times, 2 April 2008.


Article 13)  Small companies face cash squeeze

The Financial Times, 28 March 2008.


Topic 8)           The economics of the labour market


Article 14)  Minimum wage increases by 3.8%

 The Financial Times, 5 March 2008.


Article 15)  German minimum wage ruled illegal

The Financial Times, 7 March 2008.


Part B:  Macroeconomics


Topic 9)           Macroeconomic policy: unemployment, inflation and growth


Article 16)  Inflation jumps to 9-month high on data move.

The Financial Times, 19 March 2008


Article 17)  Overview: Recession fears rise after US employment fall.

The Financial Times, 7 March 2008


Article 18)  Are rising prices in China driven by the supply of meat or money?

The Economist, 13 March 2008


Topic 10)         Money and interest rates


Article 19)  Concern grows for Iceland as rates hit 15%

The Financial Times, 26 March 2008


Topic 11) Fiscal Policy


Article 20)  Brown’s golden rule threatened by red ink

The Guardian 20 October 2006.


Topic 12)         International Economics – balance of payments and exchange ra

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