Reading Diagnosis for Teachers: An Instructional Approach, 6th edition

  • Rebecca Barr
  • Camille Blachowicz
  • Ann Bates
  • Claudia Katz
  • Barbara Kaufman

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Reading Diagnosis for Teachers: An Instructional Approach, Sixth Edition, has what reading educators need to assess students’ reading and writing abilities and to plan appropriate instruction accordingly. Well-known author/educators Rebecca Barr, Camille L. Z. Blachowicz, Ann Bates, Claudia Katz, and Barbara Kaufman combine an unrivaled wealth of actual case studies with sound theoretical foundation; solid research; and a developmental, constructivist perspective of literacy to prepare reading practitioners to connect diagnosis with instructional planning.


Table of contents

c o n t e n t s


Preface iv

About the Authors viii

1 Ï Model for Reading Diagnosis and Instructional Planning 1

2 Ï Knowledge of Print: Its Development,

Assessment, and Instructional Support 34

3 Ï Knowledge of Print: Oral Reading Analysis

and Instructional Support 80

4 Ï Prior Knowledge and Vocabulary: Development,

Assessment, and Instructional Support 119

5 Ï Reading Comprehension: Its Nature and Development 169

6 Ï Reading Comprehension: Assessment

and Instructional Support 209

7 Ï Writing: A Window on Reading 247

8 Ï Using Informal Reading Inventories and Extended

Passages 275

9 Ï Decision Making: Organizing, Using, and Communicating

Assessment Information 322

appendix A Ï Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary 359

appendix B Ï Blachowicz Informal Phonics Survey 361

appendix C Ï Complete Records of Performance

on an IRI: James 365

appendix D Ï Assessment Instruments 388

appendix E Ï Resources for Leveling Books 401

References 402

Name Index 418

Subject Index 421



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