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Reading Statistics and Research, 6th edition

  • Schuyler W. Huck

Published by Pearson (February 24th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

6th edition

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Reading Statistics and Research (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133000740

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Table of contents

Brief Contents

   1          The Typical Format of a Journal Article    X

   2          Descriptive Statistics: The Univariate Case    XX

   3          Bivariate Correlation    XX

   4          Reliability and Validity    XX

   5          Foundations of Inferential Statistics    XX

   6          Estimation    XXX

   7          Hypothesis Testing   XXX

   8          Effect Size, Power, CIs, and Bonferroni   XXX

   9          Statistical Inferences Concerning Bivariate Correlation Coefficients    XXX

10          Inferences Concerning One or Two Means    XXX

11          Tests on Three or More Means Using a One-Way ANOVA    XXX

12          Post Hoc and Planned Comparisons    XXX

13          Two-Way Analyses of Variance    XXX

14          Analyses of Variance with Repeated Measures    XXX

15          The Analysis of Covariance    XXX

16          Bivariate, Multiple, and Logistic Regression    XXX

17          Inferences on Percentages, Proportions, and Frequencies    XXX

18          Statistical Tests on Ranks (Nonparametric Tests)    XXX

19          Multivariate Tests on Means    XXX

20          Factor Analysis    XXX

21          Structural Equation Modeling     XXX


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