Readings in Nineteenth-Century Art, 1st edition

  • Janis Angela Tomlinson


KEY BENEFIT: This chronological anthology of recent critical scholarship on 19th-century European art represents a wide range of current methodologies and issues. KEY TOPICS: The book features recent scholarship — since the mid-1980s; represents a diversity of methods; deals with major figures of 19th-century art; emphasizes French art — reflecting the interests of recent scholarship and a contemporary focus; and focuses on the concerns of recent scholarship — e.g., the recurrence of themes such as the female nude, the role of the critic, and exhibitions and institutions.

Table of contents

Andrew McClellan, The Musée du Louvre as Revolutionary Metaphor During the Terror.

Janis Tomlinson, Burn It, Hide It, Flaunt It: Goya's Majas and the Censorial Mind.

Timothy Mitchell, What Mad Pride! Tradition and Innovation in the RAMDOHRSTREIT.

Wendy Leeks, Ingres Other-Wise.

Patricia Mainardi, The Political Origins of Modernism.

Deborah Johnson, Confluence and Influence: Photography and the Japanese Print in 1850.

Michael Fried, Manet in His Generation: The Face of Painting in the 1860s.

Paul Tucker, The First Impressionist Exhibition and Monet's Impression, Sunrise: A Tale of Timing, Commerce and Patriotism.

Carol M. Armstrong, Edgar Degas and the Representation of the Female Body.

Zeynep Çelik and Leila Kinney, Ethnography and Exhibitionism at the Expositions Universelles.

Hollis Clayson, The Family and the Father: The Grand Jatte and Its Absences.

Tamar Garb, Berthe Morisot and the Feminizing of Impressionism.

Anne M. Wagner, Rodin's Reputation.

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