Readings on Ultimate Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy, 3rd edition

  • Nils Ch. Rauhut
  • Robert H. Bass

Readings on Ultimate Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy

ISBN-13:  9780205731985

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Accessible and engaging, this brief and inexpensive anthology provides contemporary and classical readings in the key areas of Introductory Philosophy.


Designed to be used on its own or with its companion text, Ultimate Questions: Thinking About Philosophy 3e, this collection of readings covers the major topic areas in philosophy: Knowledge; Free Will; Personal Identity; Mind/Body; God; Ethics; and Political Philosophy. While focusing primarily on contemporary philosophy, it also includes many of the classic works essential to an introductory course.

Table of contents




SECTION 1: Why Study Philosophy?
What is Enlightenment? IMMANUEL KANT
Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect BARUCH SPINOZA
Letter to Menoeceus EPICURUS
Philosophy, a Bus Ride, and Dumb Luck ALFRED MELE
Apology PLATO
The Value of Philosophy BERTRAND RUSSELL

SECTION 2: What Do We Know?
Meditations 1 and 2 RENE DESCARTES
A Skeptic’s Manifesto MICHAEL SHERMER
The Lure of Radical Skepticism  MICHAEL HUEMER
Appearance and Reality  BERTRAND RUSSELL
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding JOHN LOCKE
A Priori Justification LAURENCE BONJOUR

SECION 3: Do We Have Free Will?
Determinism   RICHARD TAYLOR
Compatibilism W.T.STACE
Beyond Compatibilism: A Buddhist Approach to Freedom and Determinism MARK SIDERITS
The Consequence Argument PETER VAN INWAGEN
Human Freedom and the Self  RODERICK CHISHOLM
Libertarianism ROBERT KANE

SECTION 4: Is There an Enduring Self?
A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality JOHN PERRY
No Self in Buddhism  RONALD GREEN
The Judaic-Christian Conception of the Person  JOHN HICK
A Critique of Locke’s Theory of Personal Identity  THOMAS REID
Brain Transplants and Personal Identity DEREK PARFIT andGODFREY VESEY
Feminist Perspectives on the Self   DIANA MEYERS

SECTION 5: WHAT IS the Mind?

They’re Made out of Meat   TERRY BISSON
An Argument for Dualism from “Alcibiades I” PLATO
A Critique of Dualism  PAUL CHURCHLAND
A Defense of Dualism  JOHN FOSTER
Philosophical Behaviorism JOHN HEIL 
The Nature of Mind  DAVID ARMSTRONG
Mad Pain and Martian Pain DAVID LEWIS
Arguments against Functionalism JOHN R. SEARLE

SECTION 6: Does God Exist?
The Evidential Value of Religious Experience D.E. TRUEBLOOD
The Ontological Argument  NILS RAUHUT
The Cosmological Argument  RICHARD TAYLOR
A Debate on the Cosmological Argument F.C. COPELSTON and BERTRAND RUSSELL
Molecular Machines:  Experimental Support for the Design Inference MICHAEL J. BEHE
Born-Again Creationism  PHILIP KITCHER
The Problem of Evil   B.C. JOHNSON
The Ethics of Belief   WILLIAM CLIFFORD
The Will to Believe   WILLIAM JAMES
Male-Chauvinist Religion  DEBORAH MATHIEU 


SECTION 7: What Ought We To Do?

The Objective Basis of Morality THOMAS NAGEL
Must God’s Commands Conform to Moral Standards? JAMES RACHELS
Reflective Equilibrium  ROBERT BASS
The Principle of Utility  JEREMY BENTHAM
Push-Pin and Poetry   JEREMY BENTHAM
Higher and Lower Pleasure     JOHN STUART MILL
Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals IMMANUEL KANT
Maria von Herbert’s Challenge to Kant RAE LANGTON
Nicomachean Ethics   ARISTOTLE
Regarding the Last Frontier of Bigotry       DAVID DEGRAZIA
Do Animals Have Rights?   CARL COHEN
The Case for Gay Marriage  MICHAEL NAVA and ROBERT DAWIDOFF
The Case Against Gay Marriage MANUEL A. LOPEZ  

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